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As someone who didn’t grow up athletic, I entered the fitness world later than the average trainer. I fell in love with strength training because the stronger I got, the more I believed in myself. The more I believed in myself, the more capable I became. I began achieving fitness goals I previously thought were out of my reach. The turning point came after I did my first pull-up, having been told my entire life that “girls like me” couldn’t do pull-ups. I knew then I wanted to make fitness my life.

The principles of functional fitness continue to teach me countless lessons in perseverance. They have helped me achieve fitness goals as well as my Ph.D. They are also what sparked my desire to open Fury Functional Fitness. I love watching clients do something they never thought possible and seeing their confidence shift into a higher gear. There is something so rewarding about witnessing people become stronger and more mobile. It thrills me beyond measure that I get to wake up every day and help people become the healthiest versions of themselves.


  • RKC Russian Kettlebell Certification
  • TRX Group Training Course
  • USAPL (U.S. Association of Powerlifting)
  • TRX 1 Suspension Training Course