We know that taking care of your body makes you feel good, both inside and out. That’s why we are dedicated to helping every person who walks through our doors to find their Inner Fury, so we can all move through life more confidently. Empower yourself to reach a higher level of fitness with personal and group training in Clairemont, CA. 


It can be tough to motivate yourself to go to the gym sometimes, but you never regret it when you do end up going. Group fitness that are invested in your results provide the community and accountability you need in order to get results—fast!


During your intake consultation, we will work with you to set both short and long term fitness goals. Our group provide variety while remaining focused on functional fitness—combined with community and accountability, you’ll see results fast. With small group training, you’ll see those results faster than you ever thought possible!


There is nothing better than working out with your friends! At Fury, we embrace all fitness levels and provide a supportive environment for you to reach your goals. We do more than just work out—we like to hang out, too! Join us for different community events around San Diego, from hiking and rock climbing to dinner and a movie.


We are proud to offer a program for personal training that is only a fraction of the price of traditional personal training in San Diego. The VIP program allows you to get personalized training in a small group setting. Each class is limited to just four clients and one trainer to ensure that everyone gets enough one-on-one attention. Plus, you will have access to more equipment, customized programming, and additional support in tracking your personal goals.


We know how much you love to move! Safety is our priority at Fury. Our technique-focused approach to fitness training aids in injury prevention and supports longevity. Enjoy improved focus with fitness training in San Diego. 

  • Fury Fuel
  • Fury Flex
  • Fury Firm
  • Fury Fit & Function
  • Fury Flow
  • Fury Form

Kickstart Your Transformation Today.

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